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Do You Face These Common Singing Issues?

Difficulty pitching

Sounding breathy or airy

Straining to reach notes

Voice 'cracking' or 'breaking'

Running out of breath

You Can Overcome Them Today

We Want You To
Succeed On Stage

Wherever your stage may be

Grow Your Voice

Build a strong, controlled, and balanced voice
Sing loud and strong, or quiet and intimate, at will

Reduce unnecessary tension
Sing for longer and be pain-free

Replace bad singing habits with healthy technique
Build lasting foundations to sing more challenging songs

Experience your voice at its best

Empty Stage

Feel and Hear the Difference in Your Voice
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Certified Voice Teacher


Experienced with teaching both online and in-person, Ariel is known for her encouraging teaching style and a good ear in identifying voice issues. She has coached many aspiring and professional singers for performances, recordings, competitions, and live events.

Murphy Lim

Through one lesson, I found out what my issues were and how to better combat them.

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Hear and Feel the difference from your first lesson

Our Location


Sing from the comfort of your home

Choa Chu Kang Home Studio

Feel at ease at our professionally set up home studio

Easily accessible from Choa Chu Kang MRT station

Ready For A Voice Like This?

Hitting the right pitch easily

Strong, powerful, and controlled

Smooth and without breaks

Relaxed with breath support

Singing freely on low and high notes

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