What Students Say

Before signing up for vocal training, I practised at home by imitating some of the singing techniques used by my favourite singers. I tended to sing in a very light voice, and did not know how to use my diaphragm and low breath. When I tried to sing with a more powerful voice, I ended up straining my vocal cords a lot.

As I receive proper training from Ariel (for 8 months and counting), I have learnt very useful warm up and singing techniques that not only help me to sing in the style I hoped for, but also help to alleviate the pain in my throat. I have also gained much more confidence in singing.


Ariel has also been very patient when she teaches and sets realistic expectations for me. She encourages me to explore more songs and different singing styles. She also builds rapport with her students, which is necessary in helping a student learn comfortably and meaningfully.

I am really thankful to have met Ariel, who has helped me greatly in achieving my goals in singing. I would love to continue lessons with her!

Xu Hui, Undergraduate

我参加了声乐课三个月了,很高兴向 Ariel 老师学习声乐。她是一位很有耐心的老师,对我的错误进行了缓慢而清晰的解释。我相信她能够帮助我以正确的方法来加强自己对唱歌的热爱。


I have been taking voice lessons for 3 months now, and am happy to be studying with Ariel. She is a very patient teacher and explains my mistakes to me in an unhurried and clear manner. I believe that she is able to help me further pursue my passion for singing in the right manner (vocally).

刘女士, Mdm Low

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