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Voice Teacher


Ariel is a Level III IVA Certified Instructor and the IVA Assistant Area Representative for Singapore

Effectively bilingual, Ariel is particularly sought after for her strength in teaching and communication, as well as a flair for helping vocalists navigate problematic passages while avoiding vocal strain. With a personable demeanor and an empathetic nature, she has coached many aspiring and professional singers for recordings, competitions, and live events, and currently leads and trains her church’s team of Mandarin singers.

Conducting a voice class for preachers

at TCA College Singapore

When she was younger, Ariel took part in singing competitions and later sang in a band for varsity events. Yet, no matter how hard she tried, her singing voice remained light and airy, which made singing pop songs a struggle.

Believing she was not cut out to be a singer, she took a break from singing. However, her passion for singing could not be quenched, which led her on a quest to improve her voice. She came across the IVA method, which proved to be the first step towards finding her calling to become a voice teacher.

After studying with IVA certified teacher Alice Wong, Ariel was able to project her voice better, and sang with a more powerful and defined tone. She had more control over her voice, and could carry pop songs, along with

Having experienced the transforming power of the IVA method, Ariel was inspired to share what she has learnt with others. Since becoming an IVA certified voice teacher, many individuals, groups, and corporate choirs have benefited from her lessons. To bring the best to her students, she continues to advance in her education, and received her Level III IVA certification in December 2020. She was also appointed as the IVA Assistant Area Representative in October 2021, serving the team of IVA teachers in Singapore.

She believes that singing expresses the stories of our lives, and desires to see lives transformed and dreams fulfilled through singing, by freeing voices to sing.


choral songs, with ease. With renewed confidence, she auditioned for and landed successively bigger singing roles in church musicals and stage productions. The breakthrough came in 2016, when she was leading in church musical dramas, Timeless Love and Selfless Love, and performed alongside veteran artistes Zhou Dai Lan, Liza Foong, and Anthony Png.

Experience the IVA method for yourself

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