Frequently Asked Questions

Online Lessons 在线课程

Do you offer online voice lessons? 你们有提供在线声乐课程吗?

Yes. Online lessons are usually conducted over Zoom, but can also be conducted over Skype, or any other platform suitable for voice lessons.

What are the differences between online and in-person lessons? 在线上课程和实地课程有什么区别?

The main difference would be piano accompaniment on scales. Instead of playing along while students are singing vocal exercises, the teacher will first play the scale, and the student will sing it back. This is to avoid latency issues disrupting the flow of the lesson. 主要的区别在于音阶上的钢琴伴奏。

How should I prepare for an online lesson? 我应该如何准备在线上课程?

1. Location 位置 Find a quiet spot that is well lit, and a camera angle that allows your head and upper body to be seen when standing. A pile of books will raise the height of a laptop.
找一个光线充足的安静地点,和能让你站立时看到头部和上半身的摄像角度。可以用一摞书来增加笔记本电脑的高度。 2. Microphone 麦克风 If your computer, laptop, or tablet, has an inbuilt microphone, that works well enough. If you have an external microphone that you can connect to your device, that would be a bonus, but is not necessary. If using external microphones, do thoroughly test out the microphone before the lesson and ensure that the right settings are applied.
如果你的电脑、笔记本电脑或平板电脑有内置麦克风,那就足够了。如果你有一个可以连接到你的设备的外部麦克风,这将是额外的保障但并非必要。如果使用外置麦克风,请在上课前彻底测试麦克风,并确保设置正确。 3. Earphones 耳机 Some people prefer to use them and some do not. Feel free to try them out.
有些人喜欢使用它们,有些人不喜欢。请随意尝试。 4. Additional device for backing tracks 用于伴奏的其他设备 If possible, have an additional device (e.g. smartphone) ready, apart from the one you are using for the video call. This device will be used to access and play any backing tracks needed. This is to avoid the high possibility that you cannot be heard if the backing track and the video call are running on the same device. 如果可能的话,除了你正在使用的视频通话设备以外,请准备一个额外的设备(例如智能手机)。这个设备将被用来访问和播放任何需要的伴奏。这也是为了避免在伴奏和视频通话运行在同一设备上时无法同时听到声音的问题。

I'm all ready! What's next? 我都准备好了!接下来是什么?

1. Download and install the latest version of Zoom from Zoom's official website.
2. Enable 'Turn On Original Sound' settings for Zoom on desktop or mobile. Step by step instructions can be found here. 3. Test out your settings, making sure your microphone and speakers are at a comfortable volume.

1. 从Zoom的官方网站下载并安装最新版本的Zoom。

2. 在桌面或移动设备上启用Zoom的“打开原始声音”设置。可以在这里找到每一步的说明

3. 测试你的设置,确保你的麦克风和扬声器调整到一个舒适的音量。

General 一般问题

Where are you located? 你们的位置在哪里?

Our home studio is located in the west of Singapore, at Choa Chu Kang, walking distance from South View LRT station. 我们的家庭工作室位于新加坡西部的蔡厝港, 从南景轻轨站步行即可到达.