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In the lesson, you will

- Gain an understanding of why your voice behaves the way it does

- Experience how personalised exercises change your singing voice

- Learn basic tools to use on your own to sing better


Voice Teacher

Singing with the IVA methodology transformed Ariel's voice and the direction of her life. Now, on a mission to share what she has learnt, she aims to enable singers to express themselves freely with their own voices.

What Students Say

Ariel is an effective vocal coach who understands my goals, and is observant and accurate in her analysis of my singing issues. She corrects my singing with various techniques that I can apply in my own practices and while warming up before singing in church. I feel less breathless and have more stamina while singing. Thank you!

... I have learnt very useful warm-up and singing techniques that not only help me sing in the style I wanted, but also alleviate the pain in my throat.
I have also become much more confident in singing... Ariel is also very patient while teaching, and sets realistic expectations for me...

- Vivien, Worship singer

- Xu Hui, Undergraduate

Lessons & Packages

Single Lesson

from $75

Ideal for singers with

a short term goal

Fixed Packages

from $440

Choice of 30 or 60-min lessons
Same day, same time, weekly

Flexible Packages

from $460

Plan lessons around
your schedule