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At Relentless, we keep abreast of the latest developments in vocal research and pedagogy to maintain our edge in teaching as well as our vocal techniques.


We teach using the IVA Method, developed and endorsed by the Institute of Vocal Advancement (IVA), based on principles of singing by the Old Italian School of Singing in the 17th and 18th century.

Our goal is to train singers to sing freely and naturally, being able to smoothly cover their entire vocal range with no breaks or sudden changes in voice quality. This allows singers accessibility to any style of music, while providing the ability for the voice to come back to a resting "home base", which is a good balance of air flow and muscle control, together with a rested larynx.

Build up your lower register

Learn to have enough strength in your lower range to avoid sounding breathy or airy.

Build up your upper register

Reach the higher notes without straining your voice.

Eliminate breaks

Learn to connect the lower and upper ranges of your voice smoothly, navigating the vocal passages with no breaks while maintaining a natural tone.

Increase your vocal control

Learn to coordinate muscles to produce desired pitches, sounds and volume.

Expand your vocal range

Learn how to manage those beastly lows and the squeaky highs.

Apply vocal techniques to sing any genre


Some common responses to a teachers's direction to "sing with your diaphragm" would be (a) Where is my diaphragm? and (b) How do I use it? In this case, the assumption would be that students already know how to "sing with their diaphragm".

On the other hand, The IVA Method is taught from the singer's perspective, using tools and exercises to allow students to experience the sensations of good vocal balance. Students will be able to recognise these sensations and learn to replicate the muscular coordination.

As such, this is suitable for even beginners without any musical background. As you progress, you will be more aware of your body and how it works when you sing, and thus better control how you sing.

Personalised and Tailored

Taking your singing goals into consideration, we identify your vocal strengths and weaknesses, then prescribe exercises to improve on specific areas of the voice.

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