Demystifying singing - it's for you and me!

Ariel discovered her love for singing and performance at the age of 5, while taking part in competitions and talent shows, wearing cute duck costumes. Through the years, her performance journey includes singing in a band for university events, as well as taking on multiple lead singing and dancing roles in musicals and large scale stage productions, both in English and Mandarin. She is also part of her church's worship team.

Ariel strongly believes that almost everybody can sing; it is just a matter of knowing how. Her experience of an effective vocal education, which started in 2011, served to fuel her determination to bring the right tools for, and knowledge of singing to those around her, to enable others to express freely through their voice.

Thus started her teaching journey with the Institute for Vocal Advancement (IVA). She has obtained her Instructor (II) certification in 2018, and continues to advance in her education to be a well-rounded and effective coach.

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